The Arts


At KBCHS we LOVE The Arts.  We offer classes in Visual Arts, Media, Music, Dance and Drama across years 7-10.  We also have year 7 & 8 Photography classes and a dedicated Ceramics class for year 8.

The upper year groups have the opportunity to engage in Nationally Recognised Certificate programs.  Our year 10 Visual Arts and Media students can complete a Certificate I that aligns directly with the Certificate II courses that are offered at EGC (the upper school).  And over years 9 and 10 Music students can earn their Certificate II in Music Industry.

Special Events

In addition to performances at our regular whole school assemblies, involvement in the school choir, ukulele orchestra, country week and YOH Fest dance, we have several extra-curricular events that students can be involved in throughout the year.

Arts in School – Students participate in Arts competitions at lunch times to earn Faction Points, organised by their student Arts Faction Captains.

Arts Night – an evening dedicated to showcasing all of our Performing Arts Students – Term 3, Week 9, Monday evening. Students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and performance skills are presented with awards on the night.

Arts Gallery and Media Exhibition – an evening of Art and Media Displays with refreshments made and served by our year 10 Foods and Arts students. Art and Media works are judged by all attendees and winners are presented with People’s Choice Awards within the week.

School Production – Drama students in years 9 and 10 write and produce a dramatic play, performed over 3 nights.  Students are responsible for all onstage and backstage roles.

Curriculum and Community