Canteen Information

Breakfast occurs at 8.20 am. Children can order anything off the menu for lunch 1 or 2 at this time also.

No food or drinks will be sold 5 minutes towards the end of both lunches due to a minority of students taking food into class e.g. icy poles.

Our winter menu, Terms 2 & 3 includes soups and a large variety of home-style cooked hot meals e.g. spaghetti & meatballs, fried rice, zucchini slice just to name a few.

Stationary is available at the canteen at any time. This includes calculators, biros, rulers, lecture books etc.

Myself (Tanya) and my three lovely, hardworking ladies (Heidi, Nat & Tiarni) would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the parents, in raising such wonderful, well-mannered and polite children. This makes our job both enjoyable and fulfilling.

With thanks,
Canteen Ladies.

Canteen Menu

KBCHS Canteen Menu

KBCHS Canteen Menu